Recipients of the Tony Milligan Annual Book Award for practical paper the previous year:Reclamation Awards

2023 Winner:

Tim Poulton and Colleen Hughes for their paper, “Copper Mountain Mine Wolfe Creek fish habitat offsetting plan effectiveness monitoring” presented at the 45th BC Mine Reclamation Symposium in Kimberley, BC in 2022.

2022 Winner: 

“Applications for remote sensing by unmanned aerial vehicles in reclamation monitoring,” Jeff Anderson, Melissa Iverson and Ben Pearse of Integral Ecology Group

2021 Winner: 

Development of a soil water balance-based model for predicting ecosystem occurrence on post-closure landforms. Trevor Baker, Justin Straker and Max Ryan of Integral Ecology Group

2019 Winner 


2018 Winner

“A COMMUNITY-BASED APPROACH TO END LAND USE PLANNING AT HIGHLAND VALLEY COPPER” Natalie Melaschenko, Jaimie Dickson, Kevan Berg, Justin Straker 1Integral Ecology Group, Duncan, B.C., Canada 2Teck Highland Valley Copper, Logan Lake, B.C., Canada

2017 Winner 

No Symposium due to BC fires

2016 Winner

“Impacts of One Time Biosolids and Fertilizer Application on Long-Term Metal and Nutrient Concentrations on Two Tailings Ponds in the BC Southern Interior”, M.E. Phillips, W.G. Gardner, T.G. Pypker, Thompson Rivers University Kamloops

2015 Winner
2014 Winner

“Use of Ecological Risk Assessment to Guide Remediation at Teck’s Pinchi Lake Mercury Mine” Winning paper

Authors: Patrick Allard, Randy Baker, Cheryl Mackintosh, Azimuth Consulting Group Partnership

2013 Winner (article)

Establishment of a Trial to Test Direct Seeding of Lodgepole Pine at Gibraltar Mine”

Authors: Becky Bravi, Terraforma and Bill Chapman, FLNRO and presented in 2012


2012 Winner (article)

Kemess South Mine Reclamation and Closure

Written by: Georgia Lysay, Jennifer McConnachie, Carolyn Johns and Jordan Evans and presented in 2010

2011 (Not awarded)


2010 Winner (article)
Cultural Keystone Species in Oil Sands Mine Reclamation, Fort McKay, Alberta, CanadaWritten by: Justin Straker and Ann Garibaldi
2009 Winner (article)
Testing Landscape Modeling Approaches for Environmental Impact Assessment of Mining Land Use on Grizzly Bears (Ursus Arctos Horribilis) in the Foothills Region of West Central AlbertaWritten by: Marc Symbaluk
2008 Winner (article)
Implementing Programs to Improve Gold Recovery and Reduce Environmental Impacts by Artisanal Gold Mining in BrazilWritten by: Rodolfo Neiva Sousa and Marcello M. Veiga
2007 Winner

Mercury Concentrations in Fish Eating Birds from the Pinchi lake Area in relation to Productivity and Reproductive Success

Written by: Shari Weech and Tony Scheuhamm

2006 Winner

Selenium Monitoring and Management – New Mines

Written by: Peter Chapman

2005 Winner

Conceptual Reclamation Planning and the Development of Results Based Standards at the Elkview Operations

Written by: J. Przeczek and D Ryder

2004 Winner

Re-establishing Livestock on Mined Landscapes in the Southern Interior of B.C.

Written by: K. Gizikoff

2003 Winner

Regeneration of Moderate-Yield Conifer Forests at Fording Coal’s (now Elk Valley Coal Corporation) Fording River Operations

Written by: J. Straker, B. O’Brien, C.E. Jones and R. Berdusco

2002 Winner

Bluebell Mine – Remediation of a Historic Mine Site

Written by: B. Donald, W. Kuit and N. Sandstrom

2001 Winner

Cariboo Reclamation Project and Sediment Control During the Construction Phase of a Major Mine

Written by: B. McBride

2000 Winner

Development and Utilization of an End Land Use Plan for Highland Valley Copper

Written by: M. Freberg and C. Gizikoff

1999 Winner

The Evolution of the Island Copper Mine Pit Lake

Written by: M. Wilton and G. Lawrence

1998 Winner

Restoration of Landslides and Unstable Slopes: Considerations for Bioengineering in Interior Locations

Written by: D. F. Polster



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