Under the auspices of the BC Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation in cooperation with the B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, B.C. Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, BC Environmental Assessment Office, Natural Resources Canada, Mining Association of British Columbia, Association for Mineral Exploration, Sand and Gravel Association, Mining Association of Canada, University of British Columbia, UNBC and Thompson Rivers University, a Reclamation Award has been established to recognize outstanding achievement in mine reclamation in British Columbia. In addition to this award, up to five category awards may be given to recognize merit in mining reclamation. The guidelines for these awards are as follows:

Awards Subcommittee

  1. An awards subcommittee under direction of the Technical and Research Committee will decide the winner of the Reclamation Awards.
  2. The awards subcommittee shall consist of four members appointed by the Technical and Research Committee, namely:
    • University representative
    • Government representative, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Carbon Innovation
    • Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation representative
    • Mining Association of BC (industry) representative
  3. Each member of the awards subcommittee has an equal vote.


  1. Nominations will be solicited by the Chair of the Awards Subcommittee from Ministry Inspectors, industry, and from committee members.
  2. Nominations may be made by companies with respect to their own work, or work done by individuals or organizations familiar with the goals of reclamation.
  3. Nominations should be submitted digitally to: Timothy Antill (Timothy.Antill@gov.bc.ca) Chair, Awards Subcommittee, TRCR by downloading the attached Award-Nomination-Form.
  4. In the nomination, documentation of the reclamation achievement must be outlined and reasons proposed why the project or program merits recognition. The award or category award nomination can be made on a nomination form.
  5. Deadline for receipt of nominations for the awards is dependent on the date of the symposium in the year the award will be given.


  1. The awards will be presented at the annual Mine Reclamation Symposium.
  2. A British Columbia Mine Reclamation Award will be given annually.
  3. Other awards may also be given in the following categories:
    • Metal Mine Reclamation
    • Coal Mine Reclamation
    • Exploration
    • Sand, Gravel and Quarries
    • Placer Mining
  4. Special awards may also be granted from time to time.
  5. A keeper trophy will be given to the previous year’s recipient of the Mine Reclamation Award.

Criteria for Selection

The work on which the Reclamation award and Category Awards are based may be major or minor in extent and may be the result of one person’s activities. These awards may recognize the following:

  1. Quality in research
  2. Innovation in techniques
  3. Quality of work undertaken
  4. Extent of land reclaimed
  5. Work which has been done over a number of years which, when taken together, is of a high standard.