Each year, the TRCR wants to include student volunteers to attend and assist with the annual Symposia and adjudicates scholarship applications from students in post-secondary institutions.


We are all students of mine reclamation

In honour of Jake McDonald, former Senior Reclamation Inspector in the then, British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, the TRCR offers a total of $2,000 in scholarships to students registered at a university (undergraduate or graduate) or college in the province of British Columbia. Jake McDonald was largely responsible for the formation of the Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation. This committee significantly improved government – industry – academic communications in the areas of environmental protection and reclamation in mining, as well as recently through the work of various provincial and national mining, aggregate and mineral exploration Associations.

To attend the Symposium there are many opportunities: students can apply to be volunteers and assist at the conference, students can co-chair a session, submit a paper and give a presentation (or poster), students can apply for the Jake McDonald Memorial Scholarship and students are welcome to just come and attend the Symposium at a reduced rate.

FAQ’s for students is attached here describing where to apply for scholarships and how to attend the annual Symposia: TRCR Student Information

Annual winners are depicted at the page of Annual scholarship award winners and previous recipients here: Previous scholarship award winners.

In the scholarship application, students must include a one‐two page letter to the scholarship committee outlining their interest in reclamation, past experience in this field (classes, work experience, projects) and career goals, and a copy of a recent transcript. Applications for the scholarship must be received by August each year and should be sent to Wendy Gardner, Chair of the Scholarship Sub-Committee by email to wgardner@tru.ca.