2010 Symposium Courtenay BC

The British Columbia Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation and the Canadian Land Reclamation Association present  “Reclamation: from Planning to Closure” — B.C.’s 34th Annual Mine Reclamation Symposium and 35th Canadian Land Reclamation Association Conference.


2010 TRCR and the CLRA-ACRSD

Venue:  All functions hosted at The Westerly Hotel, Courtenay, BC
Dates: September 20-23, 2010

Organized by the British Columbia Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation (TRCR) and the Canadian Land Reclamation Association (CLRA/ACRSD) in cooperation with: B.C. Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, B.C. Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Canada, Mining Association of British Columbia, Association for Mineral Exploration B.C., Thompson Rivers University, and University of British Columbia.



Monday, September 20, 2010 – Tour of the historic Mt. Washington Mine.

7:30 – 10:00 pm Wine & Cheese Reception – Ballroom

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 – Tour of Island Copper Mine
Wednesday, September 22, 2010 – Paper Presentations

7:55 am

Opening Remarks Chair 2010 Symposium (Carla Fraser, Teck Coal)

Session Chair: Dirk van Zyl (University of British Columbia)

8:00 am

Long Term Reclamation Monitoring of Vegetative Covers at the Island Copper Mine, Port Hardy, BC.

David Polster, Polster Environmental Services Ltd.

8:30 am

Revegetation Restoration for Culvert Replacement in a Wetland.

Amber Ashenhurst, Hatfield Consultants and Mary Louise Polzin, Interior Reforestation Co. Ltd.

9:00 am

Soil Bioengineering for Control of Soil Erosion in a Re-Constructed Waterway on an Alberta Oil Sands Overburden Dump.

Pierre Raymond, Terra Erosion Control Ltd.

9:30 am – 10:00 am Health Break

10:00 am

The Benefits of Biotics in Erosion Control Materials for Critical Sites: Better Business, Improved Soil and Stronger Vegetation.

Mark Myrowich and Roy Nelsen, Verdyol Research Ltd.

10:30 am

Soil Bioengineering Treatments for Degraded Riparian Ecosystems.

David Polster, Polster Environmental Services Ltd.

Session Chair: Bryan Tisch (Natural Resources Canada)

11:00 am Overview of CLRA student posters

11:30 am – 1:00 pm CLRA Members only – Annual General Meeting – Glacier Room.

11:30 am – 1:00 pm Lunch – No host

Session Chairs: Barb Riordan (Thompson Creek Mining Ltd., Endako Mine) and Jennifer Hargreaves (Laurentian University, Sudbury)

1:00 pm

Best Practices for Resource Road Reclamation.

Scott Weston, Hemmera.

1:30 pm

Kemess South Mine Reclamation and Closure.

Georgia Lysay, Jennifer McConnachie, Carolyn Johns and Jordan Evans Northgate Minerals, Kemess Mine.

2:00 pm

Teck Coal’s Reclamation Research Program – A Synthesis of 40 Years of Experience in Mountain Mine Reclamation.

Justin Straker, Integral Ecology Group Ltd., Billie O’Brien and Ron Jones,Teck Coal Limited

2:30 pm – 3:00pm Health Break

3:00 pm

Minimizing Environmental Impacts in Rehabilitating Small Remote Abandoned Mine Sites in Manitoba.

C. Priscu, C-M. Aldea and W.K. Wong, AMEC Earth & Environmental, D. Dunham, FoamConcepts LLC and B. Lumey, IONA Contractors Limited.

3:30 pm

BC Crown Contaminated Sites Program Remediation of the Historic Mine Tailings at Two Mile Creek, near Hazelton, BC.

Joanna Runnells and Gregg Stewart, BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

4:00 pm

Mount Washington Mine Remediation Project – Construction Phase.

Wayne White, Tsolum River Restoration Society and Alvin Tong, SRK Consulting(Canada) Inc.

Reclamation Awards Banquet

6:30 pm No host Bar

7:30 pm Banquet – Ballroom

Thursday, September 23, 2010 – Paper presentations continue

Session Chairs: Kathy Pomeroy (Western Canadian Coal Corp.) and Peter Beckett (Laurentian University, Sudbury)

8:30 am

Wildlife Mitigation Burn Monitoring Program at Teck Coal Limited – Fording River Operations.

Clint R. Smyth, Summit Environmental Consultants Incorporated, Tim Caldwell and Greg Sword, Teck Coal Limited, Fording River Operations.

9:00 am

Oil Sands Tailings Technology: Understanding the Impact to Reclamation.

Melinda Mamer, Suncor Energy Inc.

9:30 am – 10:00 am Health Break

10:00 am

Pond 1: Closure of the First Oil Sands Tailings Pond.

H. Bruce Anderson, Patrick Sean Wells and Lelaynia Cox, Suncor Energy Inc.

10:30 am

Use of Locally Sourced Moss, Lichen and Vascular Plant Propagules for the Revegetation of Mineral Disturbances in a Boreal Climate.

Suzanne Campeau, Bryophyta Technologies Inc. and Kathleen Blanchard,Intervale Associates Inc.

11:00 am

Comparative Inventory of Vegetation and Soils Surrounding Teck Coal Ltd.’s Coal Mountain Operations.

Michael E. Keefer and Randy Moody, Tipi Mountain Native Plants Ltd.

11:30 am – 1:00 pm Lunch – No host

Session Chairs: Moss Giasson (Montane Environmental Services) and David Polster (Polster Environmental Services Ltd.)

1:00 pm

Flooding of Oxidized Waste Rock Amended with Alkaline By-Products.

Mattias Bäckström, Lotta Sartz, Örebro University, Sweden and Joel Domeij, Bergskraft Bergslagen, Sweden.

1:30 pm

Alkaline By-Products as Amendments for Stabilization and Neutralization of Oxidized Suphidic Mine Waste Deposits.

Lotta Sartz, Mattias Bäckström, Örebro University, Sweden and Stefan Karlsson,Bergskraft Bergslagen, Sweden.

2:00 pm

Vegetation Development and Native Species Establishment in Reclaimed Coal Mine Lands in Alberta: Directions for Reclamation Planning.

Penny Longman, University of Calgary.

2:30pm – 3:00 pm Health Break

3:00 pm

An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Spontaneous Vegetation Succession in Northern Latitude Disturbances: Assessment of Natural Recolonization of Disturbances in Yukon.

D. Lister, Altura Environmental Consulting.

3:30 pm

Tools for Assessing Soil Metal Bio-availability.

Dale Doram, Golder Associates Ltd.

4:00 pm

Developing the Guidelines for Reclamation to Forest Vegetation in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region.

Justin Straker, Integral Ecology Group Ltd. and Gillian Donald, Donald Functional and Applied Ecology Inc.

Closing Remarks




The British Columbia Technical And Research Committee on Reclamation wishes to thank the following individuals and/or organizations for their contributions to the 2010 Reclamation Symposium:

  • Carla Fraser (Teck Coal Limited), 2010 Chair of the British Columbia Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation;
  • Glenn Rutherford (Quantum Environmental Group), Wayne White (Tsolum River Restoration Society), SRK Consulting (Canada) Inc. and Stantec for the tour of Mount Washington;
  • NVI Mining Ltd. for sponsoring lunch on the Mount Washington tour;
  • Linda Broughton and staff from BHP Billiton Diamonds Inc. for the tour of Island Copper Mine;
  • Linda Jones (Canadian Land Reclamation Association) for organizing registration;
  • Michelle Donnelly (Mining Association of British Columbia) for assisting with registration;
  • Art O’Bryan for organizing all hotel accommodation, conference facilities, mine tours, and bus transportation;
  • Bob Hart (Bob T. Hart Consulting Ltd.) for sponsoring First Nation’s participation in the symposium;
  • Carol Howell for circulation of announcements, and preparation and printing of the proceedings and program;
  • Bill Price(Natural Resources Canada) for organizing the Technical Program;
  • Todd Wambolt (Gibraltar Mines Limited), Dirk van Zyl (University of British Columbia), Barb Riordan (Thompson Creek Mining Ltd.), Jennifer Hargreaves (MIRARCO, Sudbury), Kathy Pomeroy (Western Canadian Coal Corp.), Peter Beckett (Laurentian University, Sudbury), Moss Giasson (Montane Environmental Services), Dave Polster (Polster Environmental Services Ltd.) and Carol Howell, for reviewing and editing the technical papers;
  • Kim Bellefontaine (BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources), Wendy Gardner (Thompson Rivers University), Ben Chalmers (Mining Association of British Columbia) and Craig Stewart (BC Ministry of Environment) – Reclamation Awards Sub-committee;
  • Wendy Gardner and Mark Freberg (Highland Valley Copper) – Scholarship Sub-committee; and
  • Bill Price and Mark Freberg – Sub-committee for Community and First Nations Participation.