Mine Closure 2011 - sold out

The 35th Annual TRCR Symposium will run in collaboration with the 6th International Mine Closure Conference (MC 2011).

Please read: Ben Chalmers’ message to all potential BC Reclamation Symposium Participants.

This annual not-for-profit conference has been presented in various parts of the world by the Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG) and the Centre for Land Rehabilitation (CLR) and is now for the first time being presented in the Northern Hemisphere.

The conference is designed to provide an opportunity for networking among multi-disciplinary mine closure specialists from various parts of the world, to promote the exchange of ideas, the latest research findings and to provide a forum for the development of best practices in mine closure.

The conference program is geared toward engineers, tailings cappings specialists, reclamation scientists, public engagement facilitators and economists. With a strong line-up of plenary speakers, short courses and site tours – this year’s conference promises to include a wide range of interesting and compelling issues related to mine closure.

Golder Associates, who has been entrusted by the ACG and CLR to organize Mine Closure 2011 is pleased to advise that any profits generated from the conference will be donated to the University of Alberta for mine closure research.